BS in Biotechnology; University of California, Davis

MS in Horticulture and Agronomy; University of California, Davis

Famula CV

Randi is a Davis,California native with a love of plants and agriculture. She developed an interest in molecular biology in high school, which led her to obtain her BS in Biotechnology in 2010.

Following graduation, Randi managed the laboratory of Dr. David Neale in the Department of Plant sciences at UC Davis, emphasizing in conifer genomics. There she was involved primarily in association genetics, and worked with high-throughput/robot assisted DNA technologies. In 2017 she obtained her Masters degree with Dr. Neale researching water-use efficiency in walnut. It was during this time that she became interested in plant breeding, specifically marker assisted breeding and genomic selection.

Randi joined the Strawberry Breeding Program in Fall of 2017, where her research will focus on identifying potential genes for Phytophthora resistance within the UC germplasm.

In addition to her interests in plant breeding, Randi is passionate about science communication and promoting science literacy. She also likes cheese and hanging out with her cat.