BS in Plant Sciences; University of Maryland, College Park

MS in Plant Sciences; University of Maryland, College Park

PhD in Horticulture, Washington State University

Harshman CV

Dr. Harshman first developed an interest in agriculture and the impact of varieties when she worked on a small vegetable farm in Southern Maryland. She pursued that interest as an undergraduate, where she joined and eventually co-led the apple breeding program there. They have recently released their first variety, ‘Antietam Blush’, from the program.

She continued with an MS focused on storability and postharvest decay susceptibility of different  varieties of raspberries under the instruction of Dr. Kim Lewers, Dr. Wayne Jurick and Dr. Chris Walsh.

For her PhD, she joined the WSU apple breeding program led by Dr. Kate Evans. Her dissertation focused on the efficiency and accuracy of various aspects of this program. During this time, she worked closely with Dr. Craig Hardner, completed an internship with Driscoll’s Inc., and was the recipient of a NIFA-AFRI pre-doctoral fellowship.

She joined the Knapp program in February of 2016 to lead short-day variety development in Southern California. She has a particular interest in improving eating quality and storability as well as incorporating disease resistances.