BS in Biology; Dresden University of Technology, Germany

MS in Plant Sciences; Wageningen University, Netherlands

Petrasch CV

Stefan’s research interests lay in plant breeding, especially it’s combination with molecular biology as well as genetic and genomic approaches.

During his Bachelor studies of Biology at Dresden University of Technology (Germany), Stefan studied tandem repeats of the Camellia japonica genome in Dr. Schmidt’s research group. Using bioinformatics and molecular biology approaches, he identified and characterized several different tandem repeats. The identified repeats contribute a major genome component of C. japonica and very similar repeats are also found in high abundance in other species of the genus Camellia. His work contributed to the understanding of Camellia genomes and provided insight in the chromosome organization of C. japonica.

Stefan gained first scientific insight in Plant Breeding during his master studies of Plant Sciences with the specialization Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources at Wageningen University (Netherlands). There, he worked in the research group of Dr. Bonnema. His research focused on the identification and characterization of genes that are candidates for tuber formation in the turnip morphotypes of the extremely diverse crop, Brassica rapa. The work resulted in the identification of several candidate genes that potentially contribute to the difference between tuberizing and non-tuberizing B. rapa morphotypes. These genes are currently under further investigation to understand their role in turnip formation.

In 2016, Stefan started his PhD program of Horticulture and Agronomy at the University of California, Davis. In the Strawberry breeding and research group of Dr. Knapp, he will gain deeper insight in genomics and breeding of the highly polyploid crop species Fragaria x ananassa.