BS in Biology; Wake Forest University

MS in Biology; Wake Forest University

PhD in Environmental Sciences; University of California, Berkeley

Poorten CV



Dr. Poorten’s research focuses on applying and developing computational approaches for analyzing genetic datasets. His dissertation research addressed critical issues of a recent vertebrate biodiversity crisis. He used genomic approaches to study the recently emerged fungal infectious disease chytridiomycosis, which infects hundreds of species around the world and is a major contributor to amphibian population declines. His dissertation included projects to: (1) generate genome-scale resources for the pathogen and for amphibian hosts, (2) examine the genetic variability of both host and pathogen populations an evolutionary context, and (3) study the differences in disease susceptibility among frog species using transcriptomics.

He joined the Knapp Program in January 2016. He is interested in using genomic approaches to analyze genetic diversity in cultivated and wild strawberries in support of research goals of the UC Davis Strawberry Breeding Program.