Genomic Resources and Software

Links to Key Resources and Software:  

  • FanaSNP 50K and 850K Arrays: 
    Available at ThermoFisher Scientific: 
    Hardigan, M. A., Feldmann, M. J., Lorant, A., Bird, K. A., Famula, R., Acharya, C., ... & Knapp, S. J. (2020). Genome synteny has been conserved among the octoploid progenitors of cultivated strawberry over millions of years of evolution. Frontiers in plant science, 1789.
  • Royal Royce Genome: 
    Hardigan, M. A., Feldmann, M. J., Pincot, D. D., Famula, R. A., Vachev, M. V., Madera, M. A., ... & Knapp, S. J. (2021). Blueprint for phasing and assembling the genomes of heterozygous polyploids: application to the octoploid genome of strawberry. bioRxiv.
  • Chromosome Nomenclatures across Literature and Genomes: 
    Hardigan, M. A., Lorant, A., Pincot, D. D., Feldmann, M. J., Famula, R. A., Acharya, C. B., ... & Knapp, S. J. (2021). Unraveling the complex hybrid ancestry and domestication history of cultivated strawberry. Molecular Biology and Evolution38(6), 2285-2305.
  • Polyoligo Marker Design Software: 
    Ledda M., Cobo N., Lorant A., Hardigan M.A. and Knapp S.J. (2019) PolyOligo: A Bioinformatic Platform for Identifying Target DNA Sequences for the Development of Sub-Genome Specific DNA Markers in Polyploid/Complex Genomes. Poster presented at: Annual Conference of the American Society of Horticultural Sciences; 2019 July 21-25; Las Vegas, NV, USA.