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Dr. Mitchell Feldmann presenting at the Disease Field Day

Scientists dig into strawberry, tomato diseases

UC Davis' Strawberry Breeding Program, along with the Blanco-Ulate and Swett Labs, present about efforts to reduce disease in field and after harvest, for both strawberries and tomatoes.

Picnic Day awardee Saichaie and Feldmann

Strawberries: Nutritious, Delicious, and a big state crop

UC Davis' Strawberry Breeding Program gives career opportunities to students and has international impact. Take home a baby strawberry plant this year at the campus' annual Picnic Day celebration, on Saturday April 20th, 2024!

plant sciences department

How the strawberry breeding program at UC Davis is cultivating ‘the next best strawberry’

UC Davis' Strawberry Breeding Program has developed five new strawberry varieties that are resistant to Fusarium wilt, a major disease affecting growers. 


UC Davis Releases 5 Strawberry Varieties Resistant to Deadly Fungal Disease

The University of California, Davis has released five strawberry varieties that are resistant to Fusarium wilt.


Genetic mapping brings strawberries ‘into the 21st century’ with better disease resistance

Researchers at Cal Poly SLO and UC Davis have made a major breakthrough in fighting Fusarium wilt.


Researchers Identify Genes Making Strawberries Resistant to Fusarium Wilt 

Researchers have discovered genes resistant to Fusarium Wilt. 



UC Davis Awarded Grant to Advance Strawberry Breeding, Genetic Tools

The $6.2 million grant centers on protecting crops in the future.


Finn Group

UC Davis Releases 2 New Strawberry Varieties

UC Davis releases 2 varieties: UCD Finn and UCD Mojo. 



Public Strawberry Breeding Program Backgrounder: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Strawberry Breeding Program. 



Field Days

Field Day Lompoc 24
16 people standing in strawberry field
Our Next Field Day is TBD!



Tasting Events 

UC Monarch (Fred Greaves/UC Davis)
Strawberry Tasting



Knowledge @ Noon Interview: Glenn Cole: The UC Davis Strawberry Breeding Program – Past and Present

Seed World Group Interview: Dr. Steve Knapp Private VS Public, UC Davis Strawberries, Genomic-Enabled Breeding